Who is there
when people
visit your website?

Our Story

We are professionals with many years of expertise in the fields of Sales, Marketing and Customer Experience. When we founded chatinstead we wanted to create something that would transform the way people communicate.

We believe that every business has to engage in real time with its customers. We believe in people that’s why we have real humans answering to every chat.
We are passionate and we love helping companies grow.

Our mission is to help your business deliver exceptional customer service that generates more purchasers; boosts your company profile and converts more enquiries into leads. All through a personalized online “pay for performance” live chat service.

Risk Reversal / Guarantee

Use our live chat agents for 30 days, if you don’t think the service is of great benefit to your customers and to your business then you can let us know and we will simply not charge you for the month – No Questions Asked!

On top of that we will give you €100 worth of extra FREE chats as a thank you for trying us out.