What do we do?

We install a live chat app on your website, generate sales leads and provide real time support with real humans (not bots) to your visitors.

Who should use chatinstead?

All Businesses that have a website and want to improve their sales and support. Make real use of your online presence by having experienced and well trained agents proactively chatting with your visitors.

What is Proactive chat and how this will help my business?

We talk to all visitors live before they engage and ask for your services or leave your website to look for a competitor. Based on our experience, most website visitors do not click on contact us – talk to us chat forms, because they get late responses or they find what they are looking for on your competitor’s website.
Most websites use auto replies or interact with their customers with “contact us” forms. What differentiates us is that we offer Live chat and real person to person interaction while you focus on the core of your business.

What type of businesses do you accept?

We accept all businesses except those with adult content and gambling.

What if the agent doesn’t know the answer?

When this happens, our team will immediately take the query and forward it to your team with complete visitor details. In the meantime we will update our Knowledge Library in order to be ready for next time.

How will you learn about my products / services?

After signing the agreement we gather data from your website and meet with you and your team. We will then go over the FAQ we have created to make sure we have all relevant information.

Is the installation of your chat software easy?

The process is really simple. We provide the code for the chat app which you can install on your own. However, in case you can’t do it, our team will install it for you.

Do i really need the chat service on my website?

Your website is like a physical store. If you don’t have people to welcome visitors, gather information and sell products, your conversion rate will be very low. Don’t watch your customers bounce off your website, get our live agents to introduce them to your products and services.